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Beauty can be said to be the new face of the Infiniti FX50. Add on this the performance invigorated by the new Infiniti FX50 performance chip and you have a great car. The power chip if installed in this model will increase the 390 horsepower to about 440 horsepower. The current litres held by the torque will also improve, upon installation of the Infiniti FX50 ECU chip, to carry more fuel and get acceleration up to racing capacity. The ECU computer with a touch screen navigation system will introduce all kinds of music storage system. Furthermore, a viewing ability that will give your car an all-round vision will be a valuable commodity. Still on the ECU computer, an automated time zone, weather monitor will grace the occasion of travel in distant lands and make the journeys unforgettable. With an Infiniti FX50 performance chip the experience is sure to be divine.