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Mitsubishi is a Japanese brand famed for its sportiness. There are many Mitsubishi models made by the Mitsubishi Cooperation. Mitsubishi Starion is a sports model with a turbocharged engine which is also marketed in America as the Chrysler Conquest. Our Mitsubishi Starion performance chips will make your Starion perform to your satisfaction. It gives your car improved torque, great horsepower and is a great fuel saver. Our computer ECU chip makes your engine to translate the exhaust gas to power. The Starion performance chip is a real fuel saver as it effectively changes your timing, fuel curves and even shift points. Thus the Starion performance chip makes for the most effective use of your Mitsubishi. It gives your engine new output through its performance upgrade. Our Starion performance chip is designed to improve your car’s air-fuel ratio and ignition timing. It also means that your car will run smoother and cooler. It uses the latest technology for your engines optimum performance. This means that with the Mitsubishi Starion performance chip, you will easily attain super speeds. And since the efficiency of your engine’s performance is improved, you will save up to 6% in fuel consumption. It also gives you more efficient throttle response and will not affect your engine’s reliability and endurance. Again, with our Mitsubishi Starion performance chip, your car does not lose any horsepower at the wheels and you have a gas mileage boost of over 15% on highways. With so many benefits, using our Mitsubishi Starion performance chip will really make your car the Star of the Orion!