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This executive size sedan derived from W211 E-Class platform is absolutely stunning. With a high class, above the grid Mercedes CLS performance chip who can ask for more? The Mercedes CLS ECU chip was the tool of enactment when the manufactures thought to provide a blend of strength, poise and charisma enjoyed by a coupe with the ease and expediency enjoyed by the saloon and thus the Mercedes CLS. Believe it or not, this model upon installation of an ECU computer is among the highest powered models with the raw power to carry the whole car from good to better then to best. With a horsepower upwards of 450 hp the Mercedes CLS chip is never misdirected, never misused. The Mercedes CLS chip after you have bought it will create the “jag fighter” that it is fondly referred. Buy a Mercedes CLS chip and experience greatness you’ve always craved for.