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The Acura Legend 2Dr goes by the name Honda legend when being sold in other countries apart from the U.S and Canada together with some limited parts of China. The Acura Legend 2Dr Performance chip is specifically meant for maintaining the sporty nature of the Acura legend. The power chip is concerned in advancement of the conservative nature of both the coupe and the sedan while at the same time increasing the carriage capacity of the Legend 2Dr. over the years the horsepower of the Acura Legend 2Dr has always been on the high pedestal. But with the improvement of the torque with the help of the Acura Legend 2Dr performance chip, the Legend is now even more powerful! It is through the power chip that the speed level of the manual Legend was increased to a 6-speed from a 5-speed. The engine which was a 2.7 L was upgraded to a 3.2 L. all this are clear indications that this car is not only just one of the Acura models but also, with a torque to boot, a catching up explosive car. Acura Legend 2Dr ECU chip in conclusion has maintained both the anti brake system and the driver airbag for utmost safety. They say that old is gold. When you look at the Acura Legend 4Dr and the Acura Legend 4Dr performance chips, then you will begin to believe that it is actually true. A combination of an old model with a new power chip equals a great, legendary car model that is compared to no other. The Acura Legend 4Dr ECU chip is the sole by word for vigor; Vigor in gas mileage, vigor in fuel saving, vigor in wheel and temperature manipulation, especially through the ECU computer, and lastly vigor in speed, swift and fast speed. The Acura Legend 4Dr Performance chip provides quite a unique and peculiar function on a number of things. Well, the horsepower is always heightened hence the good performance of this car. But the best function has seen is how the power chip handles the lighting, both the headlights and the taillights. These lights are now able to illuminate the darkest hours of the night with a strong range of focus and very clear visibility. Moreover the cars performance is rated well since the introduction of a performance module that enables the calculation of the steering angle that eventually sets the curve progression of the Acura Legend 4Dr.