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One important think about this unique Audi S4 series is that it was typically for sporting events manufactured in the year 1992 designed with four doors and could accommodate up to five people. With the deadly competition from rival car firms, the Audi S4 performance chips have been the subject matter in the cars’ endurance. With the tuners all in the right place, the car has managed to stay right in the front and the achievement realized in the just wonderful. The car boasts of features that enable it to manage tough travel especially in difficult conditions. The most feature of the car is the hand held flash loader which helps in making programs in the car’s software with such buttons like MT01, MT02 and the notable MT03 all placed in its interior. The Audi S4 has a great adaptation which has the ability to wipe out the fading images hampering the functioning of the memory when doing the flushing with ECU. The aftermarket, notably the upgrade of ECM makes the whole thing an excellent exercise ever in the case of online or internet cataloging. This magic car has a fast paced drive made comfortably for the whole sporting family with the Audi chips making the whole difference.