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Plymouth Champ performance chip is the easiest and outstanding way to reenergize your car in order to respond well to pressing challenges thrown at it. The now energetic engine releases more horsepower and torque to keep the car running strong for longer. These Champ ECU chips will definitely improve on the fuel/ air ratio leading to greater fuel use and mileage. One other thing is the Champ chip acts by reprogramming the stock ECU of your Champ without harming the computer system of your car. The software makeup remains intact as the car rediscovers its lost glory. The PSI of the car engine will automatically increase improving the versatility of your Champ. Installation of the chip is hand based. This leaves you with no option but to get fitted under the hood and get going strong. By fixing these chips you will be invoking the wizardry of your Champ enabling it unleash its great potential.