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When you talk of the classy Mazda RX-2 you are well talking of car racing. An infusion of the Mazda RX-2 performance chip is an added blessing because apart from gaining the much needed energy in horsepower, this legendary model will get a new impetus in the racing circles. The new Mazda RX-2 ECU chip will make the once powerful rotary engine even more powerful thus beating all the other bitter rivals on the racetrack. When it was common to have the wear and tear of the rotor tip on the Mazda RX-2 and therefore power was drastically reduced, with the Mazda RX-2 performance chip such a mess will be a thing of the past. After you have gotten your own ECU computer with an in built GPS you will need not be concerned on who is about to knock you down. The Mazda RX-2 chip will, make it easier to be in control of your car.