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The interior of the Fleetwood Tioga is in deed an expression of simple comfort. The Tioga has a 6 gallon propane water heater, arched hardwood overhead cabinet doors, Ozite lined shelves, padded vinyl ceilings and quality constructed furniture from Flexsteel. Options are available for a 19” LCD TV, a 32” swing-arm home entertainment center, a mattress upgrade and satellite radio. The seats are Captain’s ultra leather chairs fitted with 3 point adjustable seat belts. The driver cab can be sealed off with 54” by 80” Cabover privacy cover. Despite seeming modest when compared to other models in the Fleetwood range, the Tioga will not fail to deliver an RV experience to remember. The Fleetwood Tioga is a vehicle whose fuel economy would be even better, if an ECU kit and performance chips are included was included among its features. The ECU would that the right air-fuel mixture is supplied to the engine at all times. This would prevent fuel wastage due incomplete combustion that results when fuel-rich mixtures are supplied to the engine. The ECU would control the ignition timing of the engines spark plugs. Ignition timing is important because it influences the percentage of the fuel that is actually converted to motion. Poor ignition timing would translate to fuel wastage and a noisy engine. No matter the performance chips need you might have, you can always count on our services to deliver. We offer ECU solutions at the very best of prices. Installation and monitoring of your Tioga’s ECU is carried out by a dedicated team of experts in this field.