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BMW 1 series is a German produced automaker and known as a family car it has been their since 2004. It is one and the only car that features a rear-wheel drive with a weight balance 50:50, not forgetting it’s longitudinally- engine that is mounted and is being completes with an upgraded aluminum multilink suspension. BMW 1 Series came in to replace the BMW 3 Series and it was released as a five-door hatchback. Among the BMW range, it is one of the smallest and affordable depending on its engine model. The BMW Series is made on its own platform although it shares its most components with the E903 series, this parts that are shared include the struts of McPherson that’s always in the front car and a trapezoidal rear axle it is known for its strong horsepower engine that makes it very popular. Its latest invention is the 3 door sports hatch variant that was developed in year 2007 bringing changes to the car models with the alteration of the headlights and taillights. The car has an auto start and stop system. The 1 series is the very first in the world to have a mild technology in hybrid as a standard citation in need.