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The Ford Escape is definitely a vehicle with great appeal. Considering that the Escape was unveiled far later than most of its competitors, it has been able to curve a considerable niche. The Escape can be considered to be a crossover SUV. Across over is simply a trade off between a midsized car and larger four wheel SUVs. This means the Ford Escape is a vehicle that combines the versatility of a small car with the capabilities of the large four-wheel SUVs. However despite having four wheel drive capabilities, the Ford Escape is more suited to on-road use than off-road. This is mainly due to light duty four wheel drive system, single body or unibody construction and light duty independent construction. The Ford Escape is still capable of doing some light duty off-road touring. The relatively low price of the Ford Escape when compared to other models in its class has made the Ford Escape the SUV to go for. The Ford Escape as is common with most SUVs can have the owner concerned over its fuel use. There is no better way of regulating the fuel consumption than by using an Engine control Unit. The ECU is an electronic device that monitors fuel and air intake by the use of sensors. These sensors are placed in the vehicles fuel line and carburetor. In addition to the sensors, electronically control valves are fitted in these locations. This allows the ECU to regulate the fuel-air ratio entering the engine which greatly improves fuel economy. For all you ECU performance chip requirements look no further than our site where we have competent staff to help you select the best. Our team of qualified professionals will install chips programmed to optimize fuel use in your Ford Escape.