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Citroen Saxo is a sportier and faster car whose performance can be seriously improved simply by adding Citroen Saxo performance. These ECU chips will in a big way help you to leave your competition biting the dust due to your vehicles increased speed as well as improved horsepower and torque. This is usually done by injecting the fuel into the automobile engine, therefore helping the ECU computer to manage and run your vehicle. ECU chip reduces the amount of fuel consumption significantly in your vehicle and in no time, you will simply be passing by more and more of those fuel stations on your way. Basically, performance chip improves your fuel mileage. Installing this chip is simpler because you only need a plier to install it. It will take you only fifteen minutes, and you will have it ready for use. Citroen Saxo is the best performance chip for your vehicle. Install it today and you will notice the difference.