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Thanks for the great product! I used to have electrical noise in my system all the time and after adding the voltage chip and ground wires, my system sounds clean. I actually feel the car run smoother and with better fuel economy…..
Jim Aurelia


Performance Chip

….i’ll be honest I was a bit skeptical buying your oxygen stage 2 chip. I’m sure happy I did. I installed it on my Camaro over the weekend and can tell you I see what you guys where talking about when I talked to Robert. These cars really are not performing the best they can from factory…..
Jason Andews



Hello just thought I would tell you that the volt chip really makes a difference the only problem I had is that my battery was side post I went to the local car parts store bought after market bolts to replace stock cable ones its a bolt that screws into the battery and has another bolt that screws into that one so you can hook up amps for a better stereo system. Thanks again.

Julio, California


I have already received confirmation from USPS of the shipment, thanks so much.  the Voltage optimizer works great, head lights are brighter and everything electrical seems to be working better.

Thanks for the help.



Hi! Thanks for quick shipping and good product. 
Actually it made a little difference for my car. 
Before on 1st gear i would get to 5800rpm and hit 
35-37mph. Now at 5900rpm it's 41 solid. I 
installed cold intake and your supercharger at the 
same it. Good deal.....

Dave, New Mexico


Thanks for the fast shipping. I just got done with installing the charger and I can definitely feel the extra power! Here’s a picture of my recent competition in the Jeep challenge. I definitively had the edge and got 2nd place…..
Eric Cassidy


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