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Powering your Lamborghini Gallardo with new Gallardo performance chips installed have continued to amaze car enthusiast. Utilizing this ECU chips on your Gallardo reignites the burning fire and make it impress more. These Gallardo chips add energy and power to your engine which is a plus for your over stretched car. Designed with great technology, they are customized to fit well hence improving on torque and horsepower. The car ends up moving faster and faster covering longer distances in a short time. You will marvel when you notice a whooping fifty more horsepower added on your car engine making it a super machine envied by neighbors. Its installation has been simplified by the availability the guide provided at the time purchase. You only have to arm yourself with simple tools and some protective clothing and get it all done. Feel the pleasure of traversing the temperate countryside with little worries about engine failure by upgrading your car with Gallardo chip.