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For the change you can believe in, simply go for the latest sigma performance chips which are customized specifically for your Mitsubishi Sigma. Replacing the initial Sigma ECU chip with the new Sigma ECU chip will improve engine power which leads to more horsepower and torque. The Sigma will enjoy better mileage on fuel leading to a turning point on your finances. The Sigma performance chips are easy to fix. For example, replacing the stock Mitsubishi Sigma chip takes less than 30 minutes and you will be driving like never before. The replacement allows the computer software to regulate engine gas systematically. The Sigma ECU chip comes with oxygen sensors which turn the exhaust gas into power that uplift the behavior of the Sigma. These Sigma chip is relatively cheap making it easy for every earnest car owner to put it below the hood. Give your Mitsubishi Sigma the power it deserves for it to serve you well.