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If you have had any kind of worries about getting up to speed and fitting into the flow of traffic, you wont have to worry any more. Audi has the best 5000performance chip in the market. One will tend to wonder why he or she did not upgrade to one of these chips in his or her car once it is installed. Each and every engine surge performance chip sold makes a car more fun to use and enjoy. Apart from an upgrade in horsepower, your car will get an unbelievable spike in its fuel economy and performance. These performance chips will boost once car ability to go past a filling or gas station without a second thought. The performance chips are the easiest way to increase a vehicles horsepower and torque. Its installation is as easy as reprogramming your ECU chips in your ECU computer. The 5000 chips sedan was plagued with a problem characterized by unintended acceleration. This is the reason why Audi chips are associated with leaving quickly, because that is what a vehicle did when a person hits the gas instead of brakes. A new 5000 chip will pay for itself in a few fillips because they are carried at the absolute lowest price.