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BMW X5 has been on sale since the year 1999, making it to be among the first SUV. It has an all wheel drive with available range of gasoline inline 6s the V 8s and a diesel power train. All of the BMW X5 make are manufactured in Spartanburg a city in South Carolina. It is described as sport activity vehicle. The X prefix was derived after the BMW number of models released. Having the BMW SUV you will want to add some more super powers in your car and this is what we all have for you the X5 performance chip which will enable your BMW to go at a very high speed and not alter with your engine systems. Your engine will be able to release the power it holds back, thanks to the X5 performance chip, its installation is as easy as drinking water since you wont have to look for a mechanic to fix it for you, its a do yourself job.