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Volkswagen is a German brand known over the years as the people’s car. Early VW models were manufactured to be affordable for the average person and were famous for their modesty. Over the years, the VW has become the icon for people who wish to buy a German car. The Volkswagen Fox model was launched in 2003 mainly for the South American market. But it has now been reworked for other world markets. It is a 1.2 liter engine car, comfortable for city driving. To make your driving of VW Fox a more wonderful experience, we have introduced the Volkswagen performance chip to help you to upgrade your engine system. The VW performance chip makes your car to perform at super speed. It improves your car throttle response while at the same time adding more horsepower and torque which makes it achieve high performance. The VW Fox performance chip will ensure that optimization between your car’s fuel consumption and good maneuvers. The VW performance chip will add power to your wheels and consequently make you move at super speed. By upgrading your VW Fox with our ECU chip, you will save up to 30% on fuel consumption, obtaining up to 50BHP more, and more acceleration and top speed. We use this computer chip for performance tuning of your VW Fox. Our chip changes your ignition and fuel maps and your VW Fox improves power output, drivability and saves fuel. The performance upgrade also boosts torque and power. Cars are important in your life. It is important to have a good, working engine. Therefore, if you are looking for the ultimate satisfaction from your VW Fox, our VW performance chip is all you need.