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Astra Sports Tourer

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    Stage 1 Performance Chip Module OBD2 for OPEL Stage 1 Performance Chip Module OBD2 for OPEL
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    Stage 1 Performance Chip Module OBD2 for OPEL

    STAGE 1 PERFORMANCE CHIP OBDII Module for OPEL 100% Safe for your OPEL! 100% Plug-n-Play with zero cutting! 100% Money back guarantee Cutting Edge OBD2 Technology Unlock your engines hidden potential! Your engine from the factory is not...
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Astra Sports Tourer Performance Chip ECU Tune Gain Horsepower

The Astra Sports Tourer has been a long-standing favourite amongst drivers looking for practicality and sportiness rolled into one package. It’s no wonder why, with a wide range of models and engines to choose from, there is something for everyone. However, the search for more power and better fuel efficiency often never ends for performance enthusiasts. That's where the Astra Sports Tourer Performance chip comes in.

Before we dive into the specifics of how a performance chip can benefit your Astra Sports Tourer, let's take a trip down memory lane. The Astra Sports Tourer was first introduced back in 2010 and was designed to compete in the mid-size wagon segment. It was quickly a hit thanks to its practicality and spacious cabin, coupled with a stylish design that appealed to many.

Over the years, the Astra Sports Tourer underwent several upgrades, and new models were added to the lineup, each featuring their own unique features and specs. However, one of the biggest selling points of the Astra Sports Tourer is undoubtedly the engine range. From the modest yet fuel-efficient 1.4-litre petrol to the sporty and powerful 2.0-litre diesel, there's something for everyone. 

But, for some drivers, the factory performance is not enough, and that's where a performance chip comes in. Astra Sports Tourer Performance chips can be installed easily and inexpensively and can help you achieve a hike in horsepower, torque and fuel economy. These chips optimize the engine control unit to give you the best possible output, making your Astra Sports Tourer perform like never before.

It's worth noting that a performance chip does not void your factory warranty, and it is entirely safe for your engine. In fact, throttle feedback time and top-end power will also see a noticeable improvement with the installation of a performance chip. The combination of better throttle response, faster acceleration and improved top speed is hard to ignore. Additionally, your Astra Sports Tourer may see a hike in fuel economy between 1-5 MPG, depending on driving conditions.

In conclusion, the Astra Sports Tourer is already an impressive car, but with the help of a performance chip, it can be a true powerhouse on the road. Don't hesitate to consider one for your vehicle if you're looking to improve its performance and overall driving experience. It's an investment that you won't regret.

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