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A Mitsubishi 3000GT ECU chip is the best chip to replace with your initial car ECU chips. This is because the chip adds up to 50 plus more horsepower and torque. The performance chip also saves up to 3-6 plus MPG. In terms of speed it gives the engine up to 60 times more acceleration, enhanced mid-range power and more power for towing The chip is considerably easy to install because the installation instructions are easy to read and understand. The other advantages that the 3000GT ECU performance chip has over other kinds of chips is that it reduces the overall engine stress, ensures less changes in oil as a result of efficient tuning, quick throttle response, gas saver, much enhanced tuning prolongs the life of the engine and resultant lifespan. It also helps the vehicle to pass SMOG and emissions tests and enhances1/4 and 1/8 mile times.