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Voltage Performance Module LCD D1

11 reviews Write a Review
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Voltage Performance Module LCD D1
Voltage Performance Module LCD D1
Voltage Performance Module LCD D1
Voltage Performance Module LCD D1
Voltage Performance Module LCD D1
Voltage Performance Module LCD D1
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Voltage Performance Module LCD D1
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✔ Compatible addition with all other modifications including performance tunes
✔ Connects to your Battery

Voltage Performance Module LCD D1

D1 SPEC voltage stabilizer can improve audio quality, fuel economy, battery and increase torque, car response & power. As vehicles have become more electronic, the electrical system of the vehicle has become a crucial part of performance and efficiency. Compatible with all other performance modules, this product works on the principle of improving your electrical system.

Aluminum Anodized Case in Red
LCD Voltage Display
High Output Capacitors
High Gauge wiring
1.To improve audio quality and reduce voltage ripples and spikes
2.To increase torque and response and power delivery
3.To stabilize idling and improve engine response
4.To increase headlight brightness and stability
5.To improve fuel economy
6.To improve battery performance
Imported from Japan/Asia - Installation instructions may not be in English. We recommend simply wiring the product to your battery. Some vehicles will have the battery under the hood, others in the trunk.

Common Questions?

What is the D1SPEC  Voltage Module and what does it do?

This product is a high capacity voltage stabilizer with advanced chipset designed to regulate voltage in your vehicle like no other. It stores electrical pulses in your vehicle using D1 patented NDDDD X3++ CHIP technology, developed by the Fujitsu factory in Japan. The chipset store the energy and release to your vehicles electrical system when on demand. As you know the alternator and battery are never in sync and never produce the same steady voltage. Heat, speed, electronics and vibration are many factors that can cause voltage fluctuations in your vehicle.

Why did my car not come with this kind of product from factory?

Good question. If this product is so great, why not have it installed by manufactured? The main reason is cost. Every manufacture tries to cut cost of production. Even $50 extra cost to them could be millions in production costs. Most manufactures won't include products like this not only because of cost, but because their vehicles are not performance oriented. A Honda Civic for example is not targeting performance.

Dyno chart? The gains are realistic and guaranteed or send back for a full refund!

What if my battery is not under my hood?

Easy, you can install the unit in your trunk or under seat, where ever your battery is.

What are my power gains or fuel economy gains?

Honestly each vehicle will vary depending on engine type, model and current modifications. Our goal is your satisfaction. Not happy? No problem, we'll take it back for a full refund. No scams here.

Installation instructions - Please read

Step 1: Connect the (+) terminal from the D1SPEC to your (+) terminal on your battery, followed by the (-) to (-) (also known as ground).

Step 2: Mount the product in a location away from too much heat or vibration.

Step 3: Plug the black grounding cable into the D1SPEC, then ground the metal tip into any metal chassis or existing bolt on the frame of the vehicle.

Step 4: Optional Step, use the provided ground cables as you choose: Make additional Grounding points from battery to chassis of the vehicle. Make additional grounding points from alternator to body of vehicle. Basically the more wires grounding the chassis the better the electrical flow.

Product Reviews

11 reviews Write a Review
  • 5

    D1 SPEC

    Posted by Johnnie McCollum on Jun 2nd 2024

    Faster starts and better battery voltage even after the vehicle has set all night

  • 3


    Posted by Matthew O'Leary on Jun 10th 2022

    Seems to be working even though voltage read on the unit is not showing any display.

  • 5


    Posted by Jeremy Baker on May 31st 2022

    Overall a very simple install and a quality product for the price . I was definitely impressed with the quality of this unit for as low as the price was thanks again to everyone at performancechiptuning I will definitely be shopping again with you in the near future for all my other needs .

  • 5

    Great product

    Posted by Aaron on Oct 14th 2020

    Good performance gain great gas mileage gain

  • 5

    Universal battery stabilizer

    Posted by Trendon McCamish on Aug 19th 2020

    Instantly improved any vehicle I put it on and the throttle response amazing

  • 4

    D1Spec Stabilizer

    Posted by Alan on Aug 15th 2020

    Works perfect although the "pin switch" was too small.

  • 5

    Voltage regulator has done the job

    Posted by Leonardo Fletcher on Jun 23rd 2020

    My voltage normally fluctuate now it’s very stable

  • 4


    Posted by Adam Oates on Nov 30th 2019

    Works like a charm its like an extra small Auxiliary battery Add-On so your battery doesnt have to work as hard so therefore you will have almost 13v at all times like capacatator

  • 5

    Very simple install

    Posted by TonySC on Oct 22nd 2019

    This capacitor works great seems to have taken out the lag in my truck !

  • 5

    Amazing product

    Posted by Bienvenido Betancourt on Jul 25th 2018

    We got this in the mail and immediately installed it in our '97 Explorer. Right away I felt the performance and the throttle response. The only thing I do not understand is the numbers on the box, but overall great product!

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