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Talking about the Oldsmobile 98 the days of yore, as the poet put it, come to mind. Clark Gable, Burt Reynolds and Paul Newman become some of the movie stars seen driving the Oldsmobile 98. The new Oldsmobile 98 performance chip seals the flagship model in the stature it belongs. Adding the Oldsmobile 98 chip is improving the fuel capacity of this top-of-the-line classic. Buy the well adjusted Oldsmobile 98 performance chip and immediately begin enjoying the power of acceleration that this car will generate and make you the talk of the town. Because of the Oldsmobile 98 chip this model with the exclusive twilight sentinel feature that created an automated headlight, taillight system; and the interior and exterior high grade trims, the Oldsmobile 98 is way above the rest. Purchasing the 98 chip together with the ECU computer package will make you sample incredible motor car goodies.