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With an increase in the mileage of gas made possible by the installation of the Acura ZDX performance chip this car can run at a speed that brightens any journey towards any distance whatsoever. Tagged together with the mileage of gas is the task that the Acura JDM Integra power chip sets out to do to furnish the model with unrefined power with its efficiency and just utter raw strength in the rough terrain. Be it rain caused mud or just plain grovel roads the Acura ZDX chip makes it possible to re-enact a pace that only is seen in the motor show. I am still in awe after I saw the Acura ECU computer perform calculations on the government allowed power numbers. With this calculations a grid is formatted that is later used to create a very improved power base for the efficiency of the car. Still on the ECU computer, it becomes possible to reconnoiter the car to all directions with a great visibility record. This is also to mention the safety measures that the power chip enables. The Acura JDM Integra chip replays the scenes of car power you only see in the movies and dream about. So with an affordable prize come and get you model.