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It has never been an easy task for drivers when their vehicles start to cough down the highway. But with the introduction of Countach performance chips, things have never remained the same either. The car has embraced new tranquility and performance returning it to the top level. This means you must not overlook the idea of upgrading the Lamborghini with Countach chips. The energy from the engine enables the car to accelerate powerfully as you rest behind the wheel. The torque and horsepower simply recalculates the consumption of fuel and resulting mileage acquired. Watching your Lambo unleash its new potential will leave you in lots of laughter and make you stick around your car. This Countach chips unlocks the restricted energy and enable your car blast terrible along highways. Do not hesitate to fit the custom Countach chips since they are cheap and easy to install. There is no time to waste at the garage, simply put on your attire and fix it.