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The Toyota brand is a very famous iQ, which first appeared on the market in 2008. This is made to be a modest city car, especially appealing to the youthful enthusiasts. The Toyota iQ clearly shows Toyota’s innovation prowess. We are now offering wonderful performance chips for your iQ engine. Our performance chips will greatly improve your iQ’s performance throughout. It will also improve your acceleration and fuel efficiency. It is a real fuel saver. Our Toyota iQ performance chip installs easily to the IAT/MAF/MAP and Oxygen Sensor of the Toyota iQ. This allows your Toyota iQ to get improved air intake. At the same time, our Toyota iQ performance chips will also enable your Toyota iQ to improve engine power giving it more stamina and acceleration and thereby allowing you to move at super speeds. With our chips, your car also gains more torque and horsepower. By using our Toyota iQ performance chip, your car’s air intake is improved so much that your car does not heat up and that it performs quite well even when it is cold. The benefits of our performance chips are immense. Our new line of Toyota iQ performance chips will ensure that your Toyota iQ will have more added power and MPG. For those of you who truly love elegance and satisfaction, your Toyota iQ is the ideal car. That is why we now offer you our wonderful range of Toyota iQ performance chips to make you more satisfied with your Toyota iQ.