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Freightliner Columbia has been a favorite amongst truck drivers simply because of the light weight. This is a factor that has been enhanced by the fact that the hood and the fenders have light weight components. Consequently, the payload of the truck becomes less hence less fuel consumption. The freightliner Columbia is not only effective but also reliable and you can depend on it for long distance transportation of freight. As long as you conduct proper maintenance of the truck, it is bound to last for a long time. Some of the chips we have in our site that are meant to change the overall performance of your Columbia includes; voltage sensors, temperature control sensor, modern spark plugs among others. The Chips are verified to improve increase the torque and horsepower to incredible levels making your truck more powerful and efficient on delivering the services. The performance chips are easy to fix and they also comes with a well and understandable written manual that will guide you easily. Here in our site where we have the quality performance chips that your car deserves to be compliment on its best performance. We strive to offer a wide variety of these chips so that you find it easy to select the right type for your car. Columbia Performance chips comes with improved quality and friendly cost that leaves your car power at higher levels allowing it to perform its work In a more efficient way and hence rendering it more useful and reliable.