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The Mercedes Benz car is one of the most sought after luxury cars. It is produced by Mercedes-Benz, a German automobile company which is currently a division of Daimler AG. The Mercedes Benz is famed for its luxury and durability. The Mercedes Benz SLR was jointly manufactured by Mercedes-Benz and McLaren Automotive. It is an ideal car for those looking for a high end sporty car. If you own a Mercedes Benz SLR, then you will need to add our performance chips to it for more efficiency and satisfaction. Our ECU performance chips will give you a better driving experience. You will get more torque and horsepower, enhanced acceleration and improved towing ability. Your car will also run smoother and cooler with our Mercedes Benz SLR performance chips. By using our computer performance chip, your car will perform better by increasing fuel economy. It is a real fuel saver. You will also get a satisfactory air intake upgrade with our performance chips. Our Mercedes Benz SLR performance chips will ensure an improved air-fuel ratio (ARF) so that your engine does not take up more air than necessary which would mean using more fuel. This means that our performance chips are a real fuel saver for your Mercedes Benz SLR. Our performance chips will also improve spark timing resulting in more horsepower; this will enable you to move safely at super speeds. If you need a more wonderful experience with your Mercedes Benz SLR, then our performance chips are all you need. You need not go anywhere else.