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The Alfa Romeo 159 is an executive car which was produced by the Italians manufacturers. The model was first brought into production in the year 2005 in the motor show case as a substitute of the Alfa Romeo 156. The diesel tuning module is attached very easily on the main connector of the engine of Alfa Romeo 159 performance chip thus increasing the torque significantly hence decreasing the fuel consumption. It the ECU chip and ECU computer can be installed easily. When you need professional performance the model is the right choice for you. The Alfa Romeo 159 chip can gain you great horsepower, torque and MPG. The power box for diesel performance is connected by the ECU chip between the control unit and the diesel pump in order for it to optimize fuel supply. All Alfa Romeo performance chips are brought with their original connectors. Some vehicles demand more than others and the performance module meet even the most required of these demands.