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When it comes to sport utility section, Audi q7 has set standards and it has been on the market for the few recent years. An updated version was officially revealed by the Germany automaker as the version of its biggest utility vehicle. Audi q7 combines versatility and spottiness with sophisticated technology that offers luxury of a higher class. It includes a sporty driving performance on the road and dynamism while off-road it dazzle with its uncompromising propulsion. With its high performance it consumes less fuel, Audi q7 is always ready to meet new challenges thus can withstand all climatic conditions. It is ranked as a mid size luxury sports car. Audi q7 is built in the model of a Quattro which symbolizes its superiority, pride, strength and its high performance. Though it was late to be ranked in the sport utility vehicles it has managed to move drastically to the top of the already existing sports vehicle. The possibility of limiting Audi q7 attributes is next to nil, in that a part from its capacity Audi q7 comes in different colors so as to enhance graceful contours; it is also pimped with a decorative inlay combination to provide a luxurious inner part.