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Unlike the other Hummer vehicle the H3 has a sporty look that makes it stand out when it is on a show business among the other Hummer cars it is a strong car with a cute appearance it can accommodate four persons making it a family vehicle. For those who go casual this is the best car for you. With the installation on the Hummer H3 performance chip, the H3 can now move with class and a mad speed that will leave other motorist on the road, wondering what is this machine doing on the road. It increases the speed of your H3 and enables your Hummer to take less gas hence you won’t have to spend a lot of your cash paying for fuel. ECU chip in your car will increase horsepower and torque and you will enjoy the benefit of having a hummer it is known for its powerful strong body so you can imagine the addition of the high performance chip in your hummer, will improve the cars throttle response and you will be able to hit the road in style.