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The car basically known as Chevrolet/ Geo holds its inception in 1998 and it stood out as the only compact car in the USA market. And up to date it boosts of great upgrades where the issue of professionalism or being that novice you call yourself is just is a foregone thing but the truth is the great upgrades offered by Chevy prism performance chips. They will provide the needed addition (horsepower) for your car to win stiff challenges which lie ahead. The gained horsepower and torque performs well for your Prism car hence improving the cars’ sporting nature. Computer software upgraded provides no joke to your Chevy prizm. It makes it possible for your Chevy car to become the master on the road. The cruising of your car will jump like anything else as the mileage dictates your consumption of fuel. Your money is saved a great and can be spent on other precious purchases.