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Improving the agility and temperament of your Plymouth Arrow is a great way of solving the difficult puzzle revolving around your cars’ performance. The Arrow performance chip is therefore the best option to chip your car so that it acquires more power and create efficient fuel reliability. These Arrow ECU chips essentially alter fuel and air mixtures in order to utilize power and torque given out without changing the stock ECU settings. It only reprograms the computer software so that the horsepower generated performs magic for your Plymouth Arrow. The Arrow chips make the tuning of the system easy and it’s not difficult to upgrade. It requires you to have simple tools to wind up the job. It does not need soldering or wiring hence the work takes less than 30 minutes and you will be behind the wheel hooding down in the most characteristic way. Reduce on fuel cost and mileage by embracing the idea of Plymouth Arrow chips and you will never regret.