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Volkswagen Vanagon is a T3 generation VW model and it is known as the Vanagon in the US, and as the transporter or the caravelle in Europe. It was built starting from 1980 to 1991. It is among the last cars produced with rear engines. As much as it may be old it is strong and the good news that comes in is the installation of the Vanagon performance chip that is available in the market today. The Vanagon performance chip is made to fit into any of the Volkswagen performance chip without altering with its original state. It is the best upgrade you can get for your car since the chip ads in horsepower and torque enabling your car to cover miles and miles at an outstanding speed and consuming less fuel. The ECU chips are easy to install and it s a do your self job so you won’t need and extra hand to install the chips in your engine.