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Infiniti M30 is a mid-size coupe and convertible from the Infiniti Marque of Nissan. It has left-hand drive with luxurious features and an average horsepower of 162 hp or 121 kW. However, this horsepower as well as its torque can be enhanced using the Infiniti M30 performance chips which help the ECU computer to calculate the amount of power that your vehicle produces. These ECU chips also come with a knob that enables you to control the amount of fuel that your vehicle consumes, and hence the speed that it will drive in. For high speed, the chips will simply inject more fuel into the engine, and for fuel consumption, the chips will inject less fuel into the engine. The ECU chips are easy to install and their power will be felt immediately as the ECU computer does not have to be reset and it needs just a few minutes and a pair of pliers.