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Oldsmobile Starfire; the legendary convertible, with the Oldsmobile Starfire performance chips this will continue to ring true. Most folks, both with and without cars, have dream cars. For some it is the Cadillac, Porsches and for others it is the Oldsmobile Starfire. The Starfire power chip will make your Oldsmobile Starfire remain the talk of legends as it dates back to the 1957. With the Oldsmobile Starfire performance chip, this car will definitely win the classic Concours de Elegance with little effort. Make a point of getting the ECU computer fitted on the model so that you may enjoy all the electrical goodies like the GPS among others. The Starfire stereo and speakers are booming as a result of the Oldsmobile Starfire chip. The Starfire when fitted with the ECU chip will also make for good racing on the track and win you a few trophies while at it. So why stay away from an Oldsmobile Starfire chip?