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Moving in a Bentley car is one thing you cannot just brush aside. As it rolls down the streets, you imagine how you can improve it so as to cover greater mileages. The place to run to is just near your nose, the continental GT performance chip. That big engine is dear made to produce high power which has no impact on your cars’ fuel consumption. It still maintains your economical system of consuming fuel, therefore it posses no threat to your pocket. This is the great upgrade you will ever have or admire and wish for your car. The installation of the new computer is just what you can hang on as you try to make your software functional. Anyway, there will be no worries of missing out on the coveted acceleration and great throttle in response to the chips. That jealousness exhibited from your opponents is therefore your driving force and this makes your car the envy of town. The luxury, style and most importantly, the power of the car is what will enable your can become an all weather machine and command respect from others. Just get these GT performance chips and get on the show.