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The Plymouth GTX car was first introduced to the American market in 1967 by the Plymouth Division. It was considered to be a gentleman’s car. With our Plymouth GTX performance chips, your GTX improves greatly on power, torque and fuel economy. This makes our GTX performance a great fuel saver for your GTX car. The Plymouth GTX performance chips that we offer help to greatly increase your car’s torque and horsepower. With our GTX chips, your engine will gain new output which makes your car move at safe super speeds. This performance upgrade will in turn make you save time and improve on fuel costs. These GTX performance chips that we offer are custom made to fit perfectly with your engine’s ECU chip which gives you up to 35 more horsepower. The high performance attained by this upgrade will be quite thrilling. Our Plymouth GTX performance chips will ensure that you move for more miles per gallon, a real fuel saver. We guarantee you that with our Plymouth GTX performance chips, your car moves to a new level and run for longer and stronger. These Plymouth GTX performance chips operate in a way that ensures a cleaner environment by enabling better and efficient burning of fuel which reduces on emissions. With this kind of efficiency, you are guaranteed to drive more with less fuel. With so many benefits of our Plymouth GTX performance chips, you have every reason to upgrade your Plymouth GTX with our performance chips.