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Audi is a brand of luxurious cars produced by a German based company called the AUDI AG. Its technology is one of a kind that ensures the cars are not only durable but stylish and easy to use. Audi was the first brand to produce 100% galvanized cars in order to prevent corrosion. To avoid the use of the traditional rear-wheel drive layout, Audi has engineered its cars with a longitudinally front mounted engine that can allow it to have maximum horsepower and torque. The Audi inventory specialists have also found the best chips to install in your car. This saves highly on fuel. Another great product is the Audi racing chips which are plug and play simple to install. Once they are installed, you will be in a position to cruise the highway smoothly in no time. You will also be able to modulate your engines horsepower because the Audi engine chips improve once throttle responsiveness by up to 40%.