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Performance Air Intake for Cadillac DeVille 1994-1995 4.6L

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  • Performance Air Intake for Cadillac DeVille 1994-1995 4.6L


Easy 10hp upgrade within 20 minutes!

1994-1995 Cadillac DeVille 4.6L V8 Engine

Polish Finished Aluminum piping
No additional parts needed for installation

Why change your factory air box for an intake?

- Gain more Horsepower
- Better Acceleration
- Improved Fuel Economy
- Enhanced Sound - A deeper or throaty tone
- Sporty Engine Look
- Spend Less on Filters - Can be cleaned and re-oiled
Installation is fairly easy and only involves removal of your factory air box.
Basic tools are required including screw drivers and socket wrenches to remove the factory air box. You can also search on YouTube for videos showing air box removal for your vehicle.
Most customers can install an aftermarket air intake within 1 hour
It is advised to RESET your battery terminal for a few seconds so your engine computer can re-learn the increase in air flow. Always disconnect your battery when performing engine work.

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