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BMW 8 Series just like the other car models has its own uniqueness, it comes in variety of designs, it is a four door car but made to excite you at a first glance this car has a strong body but when you drive it you will realize that it carries a very light weight. To improve more on the function of you BMW 8 series car you have to introduce it to the 8 series performance chip that will assist your car in reduction of trips to the gas station, since the 8 performance chips will enable your BMW to only sip your gas and not guzzling like other tankers are known for, The 8 series chip will also add more power to your car so that it can cover a lot of mileage without showing signs of weakness. The 8 series performance chips is easy to fix and wont force you to look for a nearby mechanic to fix it for you, the chip is made in a position that you can install it in few minutes and you set for the road without worries. The chips also allow you to dial exact performance your needs with the 8 series ECU chip performing dial.